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Here is a link to a PowerPoint generated web page of Barry's party.

Barry Jarrett's Shindig Jan. 2002

It loads 'REALLY' slowly. Click on it and do something else for a while. It WILL load, but you will think it's not going to work. This is one option. The other option is to download the PowerPoint file from my FTP site by clicking here...

Click here to download the PowerPoint Show of Barry's party from my FTP site.

You'll need to right click on the file and choose 'Copy to Folder', and then decide where you want to save it on your computer. You must have Microsoft PowerPoint software (or a free viewer from Microsoft) on your computer to view this show.

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Quote of the day..." Drink Good Coffee. You can sleep when you're DEAD! "
author unknown, but passed on to me by Robert Holland on the Homeroast List--Thanks!

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