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Dealing With Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress can be very devastating. They consume tremendous amounts of emotional energy, and sometimes can cripple us to the point of not being able to face even the simplest of day to day circumstances.

The good news is that anxiety and stress can be effectively dealt with, and you can return to a normal lifestyle. This is because anxiety and stress are normal coping responses that have gotten out of control. Sometimes they are responses 'left over' from issues in our past that have been triggered by similar situations in the present.

Sometimes anxiety and stress are due to lifestyle issues that foster and breed these negative emotions. When there are too many things that are out of control or unresolved--even little things, they can permeate our thoughts and drain us of our peace and contentment. Feelings of guilt can also be a culprit. Guilt can invade our every waking moment, zap our energy and our desire to go on, and make us unsure of how to make decisions or solve problems.

Overcoming these problems involves learning how to recognize situations that trigger 'out of control' anxiety and stress reactions, and re-learning new responses to use in present situations. This can sometimes be a lifelong task, but by working with a professional counselor in individual or group settings you can facilitate uncovering the hidden triggers and sources of anxiety and stress.

Since anxiety and stress are essentially learned emotional responses, online counseling can be an asset in helping you overcome these and related disorders by:

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