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Frequently Asked Questions

(Please copy this page for your records if you are interested in this service)

1. How do I converse with the counselor?

You need to already have or get a Chat program loaded onto your computer and follow the directions in the procedures section to setup and enter a private chat room at the designated time.

2. Will this be individual or group counseling?

This service can be either individual OR group counseling. This will be determined through contacts with the counselor BEFORE beginning counseling sessions through e-mail OR telephone, whichever you wish.

3. What are the credentials of the counselor?

You can look at his resume, contact him by e-mail or discuss his credentials on the phone.

4. How can I safely pay for this service?

The cost of the initial session is FREE!!! with no further obligation.

There are several ways you can pay. You can mail a check or money order to the address listed below:


1902 McDonald Lane

New Albany, IN 47150-2404


Soon I will be able to accept Mastercard and Visa.

5. What if I'm not satisfied with the counseling I receive?

If, after giving a good faith effort, you believe the counseling service is not providing the service you contracted to receive, then arrangements can be made to refund the unused portion of the money paid.

6. Will I be able to remain anonymous and still receive counseling?

Yes. Anonymity is one of the greatest benefits of this service.

7. Will I be charged for the first session?

No. The first session is a trial session so you can make sure that this service will benefit you. If after the first session you decide that you want to continue, then payment arrangements can be made for a minimum of three additional sessions.

8. What if I have to miss a session due to unforeseen circumstances?

If you can't make a session for some unforeseen circumstance, you need to contact me either by e-mail, FAX or phone a minimum of one hour PRIOR to the session, otherwise you will pay for that session.

9. How can I contact the counselor?

Ed Needham
1902 McDonald Lane
New Albany, Indiana 47150-2404
Phone/Fax : (812)944-2994

This page revised February 28, 1997

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