This has nothing to do with CYBERpsych!


(even counselors have real lives and interests besides counseling!)

These LINKS are FUN!

and can be a nice diversion from the more SERIOUS

things we have to think about in real life…


Fasten your seat belts and ESCAPE!

I'm not really sure what will happen if you stare at this too long!

DreamWorks Transmissions from Quantum Time
I don't endorse anything on this site, but it is a mind blower!

The Whole Brain Atlas
Nothing funny at this site, but it'll make you scratch your head!

Some sites look inward, this one looks out

(Tell 'em what you think…then RUN!)

Space Portal

OK, you gotta use your imagination…

Hey, I gotta put a plug in for Louisville!

My hangout, and sometimes office

Mount Athos - Moni Megistis Lavras
This site is the most spiritual I've seen on the web

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