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Healing the Whole Self
By Ed Needham

There are seven major areas of healing that need to be addressed

if positive health, mental health, and quality of life are desired:

1) Physical

Eat good nutritious foods (fruits, vegetables and whole grains)

Avoid sugar, salt, fats, and cholesterol

Get plenty of exercise and fresh air

Pay attention to your health

Get enough sleep, but not too much

Take medications that are supposed to help you

The body takes care of the mind; the mind takes care of the body

2) Intellectual

Do things that stimulate your mind

Read, explore new things, challenge yourself

Get out, educate yourself

Make friends that are intellectually stimulating

Get a new hobby

Go new places, eat new things, do things differently

3) Emotional

Deal with, and get rid of as much emotional conflict as you can

That means old conflicts and new ones

Pay attention to the environment where you live, work and hang out

What do you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel?

Does it stimulate these senses in a positive, or negative way?

4) Social

Learn to enjoy other people in many different social settings

Develop and explore romantic interests

Learn to make close friendships

Get out of your house or apartment frequently

Plan activities with others

5) Spiritual

Nourish your spiritual side by paying attention to things

that help you discover who you are

Try to find out why you are here

Do you have a purpose?

Is there a creator?

What does this creator want of me?

Attend a spiritual meeting. Get involved

6) Creative

All of us have a creative side that needs to be expressed

Find out what creativity you may have and develop it

Get a hobby. Do it with others

7) Productive

We all have a need to feel like our efforts are worthwhile and productive,

whether it is in a job or just in helping others.

Find ways to be productive and to feel good about what you do.

Add to the world more than you take away

Play is an important part of being productive.

There is a very fine line between work and play.

Mostly, the difference is Attitude!

When these seven areas are in balance and in a steady level of growth, we can experience fullness of life and be able to not only satisfy our own life needs and goals, but we can help others with theirs. Mental health improves.

People that are very high in these areas are the ones that are making a difference in the world. Conversely, people that are very low in most of these areas are very sick and unable to even take care of their own needs and desires, let alone those of others.

I don't care if you copy this and reprint it...Just be sure to give me the credit, and e-mail me to tell me how you're using it. THANKS!

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